Q) Can I purchase music streaming at this site?
A) Yes, but with the purchase of any vinyl LP or compact disc at our online store, we add unlimited streaming as a bonus.

Q) Can I buy the album stream separately?
A) Yes, that format option is available.

Q) Why don’t you sell streaming for individual tracks?
A) We sell album streams only except where an artist or record label has made singles available.

Q) Where can I find your online store where you sell VINYL and CD’s?
A) Go to playadisc.com

Q) I don’t have a turntable or CD player, What would I do with either of those?
A) We keep the cost very reasonable to buy physical media. You could keep the disc as a collector’s item, a memento, give it away as a gift, or better yet… get a turntable and start making music fun again!

Q) What file format for streams do you use?
A) We use MP3 files at the highest quality resolution (320 kbps)

Q) How is playastream different from other streaming sites?
A) Subscription streaming sites are unprofitable, unsustainable, and the music artists get ripped off. We don’t offer monthly subscription for everything. We don’t believe copyrighted music should be free or devalued. Music (good music) has value and we believe that music artists should be able to control the marketing of their work and get fairly paid for the music they create. No artist can really make any amount of money worth talking about through subscription streaming. Also, the distributor of the music (subscription streaming sites) fail to be profitable as well. Besides, by returning to physical media and combining it with up to date streaming technology… musical artist’s once again have control over the marketing of their music. And, distributors can stay in business too. We are making music fun again for everyone (for the artist too).

Q) You don’t really think people will want physical media again do you?
A) Yes, we do. Call it a niche market if you want but there are people who believe a tactile approach to experiencing music is the preferred way to enjoy what they hear.

Q) Are you trying to recreate nostalgia?
A) No, we are advancing the new media market. It’s what most music artists want. Besides, new strict copyright laws are also changing how music will be required to be marketed. These and other factors are shifting the music market in a direction back to pay per product sales.

Q) I would like to learn more about music marketing. Do you have any suggestions?
A) Yes, get the book “The Billboard Guide to Writing and Producing Songs that Sell”. It is available at playadisc.com

Q) What other streaming services do you have?
A) Besides music streaming, this site also provides streams for concerts, radio shows, and Truecast.

Q) What is Truecast?
A) Our streaming section for Pastoral sermons, evangelism, Church ministry teachings, lectures, seminars, educational courses and instruction.